© 2014
Lauren McElroy


A collection of pictures I've taken since having enrolled in Culinary School. Some of the pictures are dishes I helped prepare, whereas some are just collaboration photos of something we learned that day.
BEWARE there are a few shots of animal fabrication (butchery), which might be a little graphic for those not used to it. Eventually I will be linking these shots to short "blog entries" regarding their contents, lessons learned that day and/ or their recipes.

shu mi
frog legs
competition bagels baking class
cinnamon roll frying donuts danish icing
espresso machine bread croissant
quail chili relleno meats
pizza Italian2 saltimboca
chicken salmon lamb
fish stock american regional catfish
danish 2 whole fish Pies
Northeast menu gumbo lobster bisque
  toad in the hole  


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