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Lauren McElroy

Knife Cut

Tourner (tour-nay) litterally translates into "to turn" in French, this knife cut results in a football-shaped product with 7 even sides and 2 blunt ends. Usually, they are 2 inches in length with a 1.5" diameter, but size may vary depending on application. These cuts are most often used for potatoes, turnips, carrots or beets. I am still on the look out for this type of cut in the real world, so far I've only found it in dishes at school.

To create a tourner:

  1. Hold a trimmed 2 inch long item in one hand between the thumb and forefinger.
  2. Use a tourner or pairing knife to cut 7 curved sides on the item.
  3. Make sure to trim both ends so they are flat.
  4. You should end up what looks like a football with 7 even, rounded sides and 2 flat ends. This knife cut takes a LOT of practice.


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